Space  2021\22
Time  2023\24


Works 1
Space ++
  1. Constellation 
  2. Weather Forecast
  3. Secret Sounds
  4. Giant’s Toe
  5. Finctional Landscape 

Works 2
Time ++
  1. Memory Time
  2. Food Time
  3. Sky Time
  4. Cuckoo Clock
  5. Timefinder

Qibai is an artist currently based between Beijing and London. Her art practice mainly focuses on narrative objects and sculptural installation.
She is working towards her MA in Contemporary practice at the Royal College of Art. Graduating from Renmin University of China in 2023, her work Secret Sounds was collected by University’s Art Museum. At the same year,she was selected in Artist's Independent Column of Sculpture, 28(4) as the youngest artist.

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